Adding the “Purge” button to the 3D Viewport header in Blender

Pressing the “Purge” button cleans the current open scene – removes all unused objects from it (mesh, nodes, materials, textures, etc.). However, this button is located very inconveniently, in the Outliner header and is visible only in the “Orphan Data” Outliner mode. For quick access to this button we can move it to the header of the 3D Viewport.

Searching for nodes by first letters

For quickly finding the desired node in the Node Editor in the search box it is enough to type only the first letters from the node’s name.

This method works both in the shader node editor and in the Geometry Nodes search system.

For example, to search for the “Set Curve Radius” node, it is enough to type only the “SCR” letters in the search field. And to search for the “Principle BSDF” node, just type “PB”.

How to change the hotkey for switching selection mode between vertex-edge-face

Switching the selection mode between vertices, edges, and polygons in mesh edit mode is mapped by default to pressing the 1, 2, and 3 keycodes on the keyboard. However, if it is more comfortable to use these hotkeys for other functions, we can change this mapping.

Creating the same UI panels in different Blender areas with no code duplication

To create several identical UI panels with the same set of fields and buttons in different areas in Blender, the easiest way is to copy the panel code and replace the parameters that determine in which area the panel will be shown.

The main disadvantage of this method is code duplication, which can make difficulties in the future – when editing panels, changes must be made to each copy of the code, instead of changing it at once for all panels.

Increasing selection speed in Blender

Blender since version 2.80 has experienced a significant slowdown in objects selection in the viewport. This becomes visible when we quickly click in turn on several objects. The selection lag is sometimes so long that some of the clicked objects will not be selected. The cursor has already moved to the next object, and the selection of the current one still did not happen.

The selection delay occurs because by default Blender has the “Box Select” mode enabled in the T-toolbar.

Switching between vertex-edges-faces selection by ctrl+tab

In Blender 2.79, in mesh edit mode to switch between the selection of vertices-edges-polygons a drop-down menu called by the ctrl+tab keycode was used. In 2.9 and later versions, the selection through this menu has been replaced with pressing the 1-2-3 keycodes. However, if necessary, the selection via the drop-down menu can be returned back.