How to get camera FOV in degrees from focal length in mm

The camera angle ​​in Blender can be set both in millimeters – the Focal Length parameter, and in degrees – the Field of View parameter.

To get the Field of View in degrees from the Focal Length value in millimeters, we can use the following formula:

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Error when using an OSL shader with node_texture.h

If the OSL shader body contains an import of the “node_texture.h” module, this shader can’t be executed in the latest versions of Blender.

When trying to execute such a shader, Blender throws an error:

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Blender add-on: BIS v. 1.9.1.

BIS (Blender Interplanety Storage) updated to v.1.9.1.

  • All materials in the database have been updated for the new data storage format.
  • The current version fixes the final transition to the new format. Please update the addon to the current version and no longer use the previous ones.
  • The base of materials with the previous format is saved in the archive. If you have any difficulties with your materials, it is always possible to restore the material from the previous backup version. To do that please contact the BIS administration.


Blender add-on: BIS v. 1.9.0.

BIS (Blender Interplanety Storage) updated to v.1.9.0.

  • Updated some parameters for Blender 2.83 nodes
  • The format of data storage in the library has been changed. Now the backward compatibility is fully supported, saved materials, and node groups for any previous versions can be loaded with the add-on version 1.9.0. In the future, it is planned to update all materials and node groups in the repository to version 1.9.0. After that, backward compatibility with older versions will be removed from the add-on. Users can update their materials themselves by downloading the material from the repository and updating it by clicking the “update” button. It is not necessary to do this; in the future, all non-updated materials will be updated to version 1.9.0. automatically.
  • A code refactoring was made, now more attributes are saved for each node. Getting of the attributes is now automatic.
  • The size of the saved data is reduced due to archiving on the fly, which should reduce the amount of traffic when working with the add-on.