Displacement with Geometry Nodes

Let’s look at how we can use displacement with the “Geometry Nodes” in Blender.

First, add a cylinder (with the 0.1 diameters, without upper and lower closing polygons) to the scene: shift+a – Mesh – Cylinder.

Switch to edit mode (tab) and add edges to make the uniform grid: ctrl+r – 100 – Enter.

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Context override

Some Blender operators can only be called from the workspace for which they are intended.

If you call from the Python console, for example, an operator intended only for working in the 3D Viewport area, the operator will not be executed:

or it will fail with an error message about the incorrect context:

However, we can still execute operators from a non-native working area. To do this, we can pass the first implicit parameter to any operator – a pointer to the context of the area in which this operator should be executed. This parameter commonly named the “overridden context”.

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How to run Blender 2.93 on Windows 7

Since version 2.93, Blender developers moved its API to Python 3.9. This means that Blender will no longer run on computers with Windows 7 operating system because it has no compatibility with this version of Python. In order to continue using the latest versions of Blender, users will have to update their operating system.

However, thanks to the fan-made work of Alexandru Naiman, Blender 2.93 can still be run on Windows 7.

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Ortho lighting

When the scene is lighted with “Spot” or “Point” light sources, the rays from such lamps do not propagate in parallel. This makes noticeable distortion, for example when lighting with textures.


The parallel ray’s propagation (orthogonally to its plane) we can get from the “Sun” lamp, but such light source does not support lightning with textures.

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BMusic Player

BMusic Player

Are you crazy about music? Music can change the mood and talk to you. Listening to music is a favorite hobby and entertainment for most people.

Here is an addon that does the job for you. ‘BMusic Player’ is an addon that takes all the music to one place inside Blender. Plays almost any format like mp3, wav, FLAC, M4A, aac etc. In addition to it, there will be detailed documentation about the addon and you can check it here.

BMusic Player v1.0.1 (Initial Release)

Key Features:

  • Custom icon set.
  • Popup music player.
  • Custom shortcut key.
  • Supports almost any formats like mp3, mp4, wav, M4A, aac, FLAC etc.

BMusic Player v1.0.2

Planned Features:

  • Sleep timer.
  • Personal playlist option.
  • Change the playback speed.
  • Multiple key mapping.
  • Default music folder.

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Finally feel the music…!

BIS – Online Blender materials library

Blender Interplanety Storage (BIS) – the online material (shader) library add-on for Blender 3D creation. With the BIS add-on, you can save materials (groups of nodes) to the online personal library and then convenient search and upload them. Saved materials are available from any computer through the add-on installed in Blender.



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