Setting operator parameters features

When you make a button in a custom UI to call the operator with passing the necessary parameters to it, pay attention that only the parameters specified explicitly will be sent to the operator. Other operator parameters will remain with default values.

For example, we need to execute the “transform_apply” operator – applying object transformations with applying just the scale.

If we call the operator as follows:

But all transformation (scale, rotation, and position) will still be applied to the object.

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How to check the direction of a Bezier curve

The direction of a Bezier curve, visually indicated by its normals slope, can be checked by the indices of its points.

The Bezier curve points indices always ascending in the curve direction.

So, having two points on the curve we can get the direction through their indices:


Why you need to pay for an add-on

It’s simple. When paying for the add-on, you are not paying for the add-on you are buying. This add-on is already written. The developer has already spent his time and strength on it. About this particular add-on – there is completely no difference will it be paid or not. So, why to pay? You pay for the future. You pay for the add-ons that the developer writes now and will write in the future. If the addon is bought, the developer has the opportunity to continue development. If not, he will do something else, and you will not receive new add-ons, as well as enhancement and porting to future platforms existed. When paying for an add-on, you provide, first of all – for yourself, the opportunity to receive new add-ons and technical support for the old ones. Pay for add-ons and donate for free – this will benefit yourself!