Displaying icons with the unknown id in the UI

To display an icon next to a property, text label, or on the operator button in the UI, we need to specify its identifier in the “icon” or “icon_value” parameter. But not all types of icons have their identifiers known in advance. For example, we cannot predefine the icon’s identifiers for procedural textures and materials because they are generated at runtime.

To get the identifier of such a dynamic icon, we can use the “icon” method of the “UILayout” class.

Autocomplete for developing Blender add-ons in the Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse IDE, like PyCharm, and Visual Studio Code, is one of the most popular IDEs for development, including Blender add-ons development. To improve the convenience of developing Blender add-ons in the Eclipse IDE, we can add an autocomplete to it – the code completion for the Blender Python API.

By the Pavel Geraskin tips.