Make the add-on to be registered in last anywhere

In some cases when Blender starts it is necessary to make the add-on to be registered in last, after all other add-ons have been registered. This may be needed if the add-on conflicts with other add-ons or uses functionality from other add-ons, which should be available already during its registration.

Getting Lattice points coordinates

The Lattice modifier is used to simplify the process of deforming high-poly meshes using simple wireframe objects with a few points – lattice. The lattice is superimposed on the mesh and associated with it, after which, by manipulating its point, we can deform the mesh itself. We can access the coordinates of the lattice points with the Blender Python API through its “points” property.

Scaling object with saving the size of instances distributed over it with Blender Geometry Nodes

The distribution of object instances over the mesh surface in Blender is easily implemented with Geometry Nodes. In the simplest setup of such a node tree, when the scale of the base object changes, the dimension of the instances distributed on its surface also changes proportionally. However, it is possible to set a node tree in such a way that when the size of the base mesh changes, the size of the instances on it will remain unchanged, but their number will change.