Blender 3D

Dynamic operator description

Creating an operator in the Blender Python API, its description is usually specified in its “bl_description” parameter. However, quite often the same operator performs different actions in different cases, and a constant description does not describe all its capabilities. In this case, a dynamic description can be given to an operator.

Render a single frame for preview when rendering animation

When rendering animations in Blender, it’s often necessary to save one single frame for later use as a preview. Of course, we can do this manually, after finishing the animation rendering, switch to the desired frame and separately render it. However, with the Blender Python API, we can organize the automatic saving of the desired frame during the animation render.

Getting the next empty channel number in Sequence Editor with the Blender Python API

To add a new strip to the Sequence Editor programmatically, we need to know the channel number to place it. We can get the number of an empty channel in the Sequence Editor throug the Blender Python API by walking through the list of sequences already added to the Sequence Editor.

Dynamically setting the Max and Min values ​​for a custom property in the Blender Python API

Custom properties in the Blender Python API can be limited to setting with maximum and minimum values. In this case, the user, entering the desired value to the property field, will not be able to set a value that goes beyond the specified limits.

To set the minimum and maximum limits, we can specify the “min” and “max” parameters in our custom property and assign them the necessary limiting values.