How to change the hotkey for switching selection mode between vertex-edge-face

Switching the selection mode between vertices, edges, and polygons in mesh edit mode is mapped by default to pressing the 1, 2, and 3 keycodes on the keyboard. However, if it is more comfortable to use these hotkeys for other functions, we can change this mapping.

To map a new hotkey for changing the vertices-edges-polygons selection mode:

1. Open the Preferences window.

2. Switch to the KeyMap tab.

3. Open the branch: 3D View – Mesh – Mesh (Global).

4. Press the “Add New” button to add a new keymap.

5. In the “identifier” field, type: mesh.select_mode

6. In the “Type” field, select the desired mode (Vertex/Edge/Face) and assign a convenient keyboard shortcut to it.

7. Customize the other selection modes with convenient hotkeys.

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