Blender 3D

Setting colors for Blender collections with the Python API

Since Blender 2.9, the ability to assign color tags has been added for collections. Collection with such tag is displaying in a specific color in the outliner.

The collection color tag value is stored in its “color_tag” property. To change the color label of a collection, we need to assign a certain value to this property.

For example, to mark the current active collection in green:

Adding an item to the Windows Explorer context menu: New – blend file

To quickly create Blender files in the currently open directory, we can make an additional item in the context menu that opens in Windows Explorer by the mouse right button click.

To create this item in the menu, we need to add the following elements to the Windows registry:

How to arrange objects along a curve without distortion

The simplest way to arrange objects along a curve in Blender is to use two modifiers: “Array” and “Curve”. However, in this case, the object is distorted – its shape adjusts to the shape of the curve. In some cases, for example, when designing curbs or tank tracks, this is undesirable.

There are several ways to arrange objects along a curve without distortion. One of them is to use an intermediate mesh.

Setting up the scene environment for convenient retopology

To make our retopology process faster and easier, the scene environment may be slightly adjusted.


First, let’s enable snapping, set “Face” mode, and enable snapping to “Active” in the “Snapping With” section.

Also, check the “Backface Culling” checkbox so that the active retopology points do not magnetize to the backside of the processed mesh.

How to find which collection contains the desired object

If the object you need is located in a hidden collection, it can be difficult to find it in large scenes.

To find out in which collection the desired object is located by its type, we need to execute the following. For example for cameras:

This code will return a list of cameras and collections in which they are located.