BIS: Pro- account

The BIS library is free and fully accessible for all users. Any content (materials or meshes) from the open part of the library can be downloaded by any user without any restrictions. So why do you need a pro- account?

At first, this is a way to support the project. Like any other free project, BIS needs the user’s support. However, the BIS pro- account is not only a status attachment. The pro-status does not provide any additional content, but it allows you to make your pipeline with BIS more convenient.

Pro-account users have the following advantages:

  1. Pro- users don’t need to switch to the BIS website to add/manage content in the active palette. A base account user has an active palette of 10 elements, and if he, for example, needs to use more than 10 materials in his work, he needs to remove some old materials from the palette and add new ones in their place. Users with pro- accounts have a form for searching materials directly in Blender across the entire database. This allows while texturing/shading not to switch from Blender to the BIS site and back, which simplifies and speeds up the work process.

  1. Advertising on the site is disabled for users with pro- accounts. BIS does not abuse with adv, the site has just one banner. However, for users with pro- accounts, ads are not shown at all.


Base account Pro-account
All library is available yes yes
Access from Blender BIS site library → Active palette → Blender Direct search in library from Blender
No adv after login no yes


How to get a pro account

You can support the BIS project and get pro- status:

  1. By purchasing a pro account through the Gumroad service


  1. By supporting the BIS project through the “Patreon” service  (tier 2)

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