Are you still starting with the default cube?

Think for a moment – how many real scenes you created really with using that default cube?

Removing the default cube

Not much, right? But all the same, each time starting a clear scene, you press: x – delete. Again. And again. Let’s put on white magician gloves and once for all escape this nonsensical action:

  1. Create a new scene:
    1. ctrl+n – Reload startup file
  2. Select the default cube and delete it:
    1. x – delete
  3. Save the scene as a startup:
    1. ctrl+u – Save startup file

Voila! No cube. Next time you start Blender, or while creating a new scene, you will never see it.

Oh, what to do if we really need that cube? Well, all of a sudden?

  1. No problem, let’s return it:
    • shift+a – Mesh – Cube

And yes, after returning the cube, you have not plan to save the scene as a startup, right?

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