Architectural Debris – DUST

A small spring release from the Architectural Debris series!

Architectural Debris – DUST

The theme of various interior art objects (vases, figurines, candlesticks, mathematical figures) is very popular in the field of interior design, so an attempt was made to create a universal classification of such things in order to get a single semantic rating scale.

You can see yourself how it happened, and how it is possible: ARCHITECTURAL DEBRIS DUST on Sketchfab

Project participants:
Павел Котелевец
Михаил Шаблин
Евгения Симанова
Андрей Житков
Andrey Larin
Дмитрий М.
Алексей Пастухов
Яна Леднёва
Клюев Данил
Nikita Akimov
Александр Недовизин


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