Stock artist scheduler / calendar

Stock artist scheduler is a service that can be useful for artists who draw images or model 3D for sale on stock sites such as Shutterstock and others.

It’s not secret that the sale of a content dedicated to some famous event or celebration significantly increases shortly before the event date. Which is quite understandable – designers require more new content corresponding to the upcoming event than other times. Therefore creating Christmas toys for selling on stock sites is much more profitable shortly before the New Year holiday, and spacecraft – shortly before the Astronautics Day.

The Stock artist schedule is a list of holidays, significant events, and dates, shown in a convenient order for the preparation of content for stock sites.

At the top of the list, the scheduler displays events with about two months left before they start. Two months is a good time period to prepare a thematic material, upload it to stock sites and pass the approval or moderation procedure (where they are required). If start to prepare material for the event located on the top of the list today, the content will be published on stock sites just before the event, which provides the increased interest in the material.

Events of which there are less than two months are gradually omitted in the list. Such event content can still be prepared, but if the event is lower in the list, the less time it takes to prepare and upload the material to stock sites. Such events are marked with a red down arrow.

Events with a period of two to three months before starts marks with a green up arrow. If there are three months left before the event starts, it is located at the bottom of the list. Such events have a solid time reserve to prepare the corresponding material. Gradually such event rises in the list and when it remains two months before it starts it turns out to be at the top of the list. This moment is optimal to start work.

Users can add their own events to the scheduler. This can be a well-known event missing in the general list, or some personal event that is important to the current user. Only registered users can add events.

To add an event, click on the plus sign in the circle and in the window that opens, set the following parameters: the date or the cyclicity of the event, its name, type (general or personal) and, if necessary, one or more labels.

When required event is added, it includes in the general list in the place determined by the specified date. Like all other events, it will appear at the bottom of the list with a green arrow label three months before the start, rise to the top two months before the start, and will drop with the red arrow label the lower the less time remains until the specified event date occurs.

Personal events are visible only to the user who created them after the login on the site.

If the event is marked as general (For all) after moderation it will be included in the general list of events and will be visible to all visitors of the site.

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