Showing face normals in the Spreadsheet

Starting from Blender 3.6, the default display of face normals for Geometry Nodes in the Spreadsheet area has been removed. We can return the display of normals using the output attribute and the Normal node.

Let’s add the Normal node (shift + a – Geometry – Read – Normal) to the Geometry Nodes node tree.

Link its Normal output with the empty input of the Group Output node (it will be automatically converted into a Normal input).

In the Properties area, assign the “normal” caption to the output attribute that appears in the Output Attributes subsection in the Geometry Nodes modifier.

In the Geometry Nodes area, open the N-panel (by pressing the n key). In the Group tab, the Outputs subsection, select the new Normal attribute output and set the Attribute Domain parameter to “Face”.

Normals for faces will now appear in the Spreadsheet again.

If constant display of normals is not required, we can use the Viewer node (shift + a – Output – Viewer) instead of the Group Output node.

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