Blender add-on: UV Plus

Blender add-on with additionals tools for working with meshes UV-s in UV Editor.

Add-on functionality

Blast Points – separates the united points on the UV. The “Weld” operation merges the selected points into a single united point.

Separate by Edge – creates a seam on the UV, even if the edges on the mesh were not marked as “seam”.

Transfer Selection – transfers the selection of points from the UV to the mesh.

Demonstration video

Current add-on version


This is the reincarnation of the “UV-int” add-on for Blender 2.8-2.9 with new tools.

Blender versions

2.83, 2.90, 2.91

Location and call

“UV Editor” window – N-panel – the “UV Plus” tab

  • Download the *.zip archive with the add-on distributive.
  • The “Preferences” window — Add-ons — Install… — specify the downloaded archive.
Version history


  • Transferring functionality from the “UV-int” add-on.
  • Added the “Transfer selection” tool to transfer selected points from the UV to mesh.

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