Blender 2.8 pre-release dates

“Beyond the Code Quest” has published Blender 2.8 pre-release dates:

  • July 2nd: Alpha
    • End of the code quest.
    • Bug tracker opens exclusively for crashes.
    • New default theme.
    • New default keymap.
    • Disable all add-ons (based on bl_info Blender version).
    • Discourage add-on developers to port their work now since the Python API will still change.
    • Focus on completing existing features.
  • August 12: Beta Release
    • All features in Blender 2.8 to be completed.
    • Bug tracker grand re-opening.
    • Merge 2.8 branches into master.
  • Official beta release.
    • Full release notes.
    • Focus on bug fixing.
  • September 19: Final Python API
    • Call for add-on developers to update old add-ons.
    • Flexible date, at least 1 month before the release candidate.
  • October 20: Release Candidate
    • Manual to be updated with the new features.
    • features page.
    • Blender Conference 2018 official release candidate.
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