BIS add-on v.0.0.3

BIS (Blender Interplanety Storage) add-on intermediate update to v.0.0.3

The addon is almost in the prerelease state.

  • All Cycles nodes are supported, including script and nested groups.
  • Also added the ability to save scripts/texts from the Text Editor.

To make a release, it was left to clean up a bit the server (site) side – increase the previews size, add tags and node names editing, make a separate list for saved texts. And also test the add-on with complex materials.

  • Hi Nikita,
    WARNING: In python you don’t use capital in name of module or package!!!
    Thanks for Bis and Part Render Addons.
    At soon
    Patrick Depoix

    • Hello, Patrick!
      Thanks for the attention to my add-ons!
      Thanks for the warning, my code notation sometimes does not meet the pep requirements. In my work, I need to write code in several different languages and all of them have the different notation requirements that together produce an ugly code style (