Disabling autozoom when switching to the local view

When entering the object’s local view mode by pressing the “/” key in the viewport window, zooming is automatically turned on so that the selected object occupies the entire window space. However, this is not always convenient.

To disable auto-zoom in local view mode:

  • open the “Preferences” window
  • switch to the “Key Map” tab
  • type “local view” in the search field
  • expand the found shortcodes and uncheck “Frame Selected” checkboxes

Now, when switching to isolated mode, auto-zoom will not turn on.

How to change the hotkey for switching selection mode between vertex-edge-face

Switching the selection mode between vertices, edges, and polygons in mesh edit mode is mapped by default to pressing the 1, 2, and 3 keycodes on the keyboard. However, if it is more comfortable to use these hotkeys for other functions, we can change this mapping.

Creating the same UI panels in different Blender areas with no code duplication

To create several identical UI panels with the same set of fields and buttons in different areas in Blender, the easiest way is to copy the panel code and replace the parameters that determine in which area the panel will be shown.

The main disadvantage of this method is code duplication, which can make difficulties in the future – when editing panels, changes must be made to each copy of the code, instead of changing it at once for all panels.