Palmyra Bel temple reconstruction

Today we, Atayants Architects, want to present the results of our Temple of Bel reconstruction.

This remarkable date this year marks a memorable event – the opening in the State Hermitage Museum of an exhibition dedicated to the reconstruction of the UNESCO heritage site of the Bela Temple in Palmyra (Roman Empire, 32 AD), which was completely destroyed in 2015.

The digital reconstruction was done entirely by hand in Blender 3D based on numerous references, drawings, satellite imagery, and photogrammetry of objects captured at the scene of the tragedy in the paramilitary zone, and it took several years to process and put everything together.

This project is powered by the fascinating ability of Blender to handle complex modeling workflows, such as

  • Multiref modeling, provided by tools such as Layers (reconstructed as a QCD system, as part of the Collection Manager addon, and used as an industry-unique flexible reference management system)
  • Stripe modeling workflow, which integrates retopology and organic modeling into a single workflow.

Details are available in the video (Russian only).


  • Satellite Photogrammetry model (45:00)
  • The reconstructed model, printed on a 3d printer, 2 meters long (53:00)
  • Blender footage (59:30)
  • The temple’s current state in the application, powered by Unreal (1:03:20)

Announced by Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc)

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