One more way to create screw in Blender

One of the distinguishing Blender features is that many things can be performed in various ways, choosing the most convenient and fastest for your taste. For example, a screw can be created not only by drawing the profile of its teeth. Let’s try an alternative way:

  1. Add a plane to the scene:
    • shift+a – Mesh – Plane
  2. Switch to the edit mode:
    • tab
  3. Select two vertexes

  1. Delete them, leaving the single edge.
    • del – Vertices
  2. In the Properties window in the Modifiers tab add the Screw modifier
    • Add modifier – Screw
      • Axis – Y
      • Screw = 0.4 – this value sets the screw course

  1. Subdivide the edge into 10 parts. Set the number of subdivisions so that one of the subdivision points fit with the extreme point of the edge.
    • ctrl+r – 9 – enter

  1. Switch to the object mode
    • tab
  2. Apply the Screw modifier
    • Apply in the modifier panel
  3. Switch to the edit mode
    • tab
  4. Select all vertexes
    • a
  5. Merge fitted points
    • w – Remove Doubles

  1. Correct normals
    • ctrl+n
  2. Switch to the “edge select” mode. Select the whole loop by clicking on the edge with the “alt” key pressed.

  1. Form the base of the tooth
    • ctrt+b – mouse move

  1. Form the height of the tooth
    • e – Esc – alt+s – mouse move

  1. Form the edge of the tooth
    • alt+s – mouse move

  1. Add a few additional loops (highlighted) to form rigid chamfers. Separately create each loop.
    • ctrl+r – slide the created loop closer to the edge

  1. Switch to the object mode
    • tab
  2. In the Properties window in the Modifiers tab add the Subdivision Surface modifier. In the N-panel on the Smooth mapping.

The screw fragment is ready. To obtain a larger number of turns, change the initial dimensions of the plane and the number of subdivisions of the edge.

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