Nodevember 2020

“Nodevember 2020” – the next challenge is coming from November 1 to 30  for amateurs and fans of procedural (node-) modeling and creation. The rules of the challenge are very simple – each participant creates one procedural material/object on a given topic each day with Blender exclusively using nodes. You can create whatever you want – models, meshes, materials, shaders, and even music, as long as they are procedural. Next, publish your created object on social networks with the #nodevember hashtag.


The “Nodevember” rules:

  • Make anything procedural (material, mesh, shader, or something else)
  • Publis it and the node trees screenshots in any social media
  • Add #nodevember and #nodevember2020 tags
  • You can participate one time, every day, any day, or as you want


  • Only procedural creation (made exclusively with nodes)
  • Do not use complex meshes or sculpt to show your results, use a simple plane, cube, or sphere
  • No image textures for materials/shaders and no external data for mesh and objects!


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