New Blender releases notifications

For those who install and update Blender themselves (don’t use Steam), the B3D Noti service may be useful. When new versions of Blender are released, it sends messages to Telegram and Discord channels and writes notifications to the RSS feed.

To receive messages about new Blender releases:

In Telegram

Just subscribe to the B3D Noti channel in Telegram.

In Discord

Join the B3D Interplanety server in Discord. Announcements about new Blender releases are posted to the “blender-announcements” channel.


Just subscribe to the B3D Noti RSS feed in your favorite RSS reader.

By Email

You can get notifications by Email with the IFTTT service:

  1. Register on the IFTTT site
  2. Press the “Create” button
    1. Press “If this (Add)”
    2. Type “rss” in the search field
    3. Select the “RSS Feed”
    4. Select the “New feed item”
    5. Type the B3D Noti RSS feed URL in the “Feed URL” field:
    6. Press the “Create trigger”
  3. Press the “Then that (Add)”
    1. Type “mail” in the search field
    2. Select the “Email”
    3. Select the “Send me an email”
    4. Press the “Create action”
  4. Press the “Continue” button
  5. Press the “Finish” button
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