Blender add-on: TimeMe

Blender add-on for counting the time of making your projects.


Add-on is open source. If you want to donate – you can buy the add-on for a convenient price, or set the price to 0 to download it for free.


The addon is useful for freelancers and other Blender users who need to know how much time the work on the current project takes.

The addon works in the background, counting the project developing time. It starts automatically with the project creating/opening. Counted time is saved to the current *.blend file.

Add-on counts 3 categories of project time:

  • All the time, the project is opened
  • Work time
  • Render time

If you close your project without saving, you lose your time statistic for the unsaved period too.

“To Text” button creates the new text block in the TEXT_EDITOR with the current statistic.

“To Clipboard” button saves current statistic to the system clipboard.

“Reset” button resets counted time to 0.

When calculating the project work time, a slight damping is taken – 10 seconds will be additionally added to the fixed time, even if the user did not perform any actions during them.

Current version: 1.1.2

Location: “Properties” window – “Render” tab – “TimeMe” subtab

Tested with Blender versions: 2.79


  1. Download *.zip archive with add-on distributive.
  2. User Preferences — Add-ons — Install Add-on from File — specify downloaded archive.

Source code:

Add-on code on GitHub

Version history:


  • Enable counting the mouse move event in work time category
  • Work time damping added


  • Added project name to statistic text


  • Seconds accuracy enabled
  • Added Copy to clipboard function
  • Added Reset time function


  • Release