Blender add-on: Search Plus

The “Search Plus” add-on appends a panel to the Blender 3D interface for quick search in Google, Blender Stack Exchange, and YouTube.

Addon functionality

This add-on allows you to quickly search for the necessary information in the largest search-resources of the Internet.

For Google and YouTube searches, you can specify additional words for example – “blender”, which will be automatically added to each search.

For YouTube, you can also specify the results sorting order.

For search on Blender Stack Exchange, you can specify tags – only posts marked with the specified tags will be displayed in the search results, and the minimum number of answers – only questions with the specified number or more answers will be included in the search results.

Demonstration video

Current add-on version


Blender versions


Location and call

“3D Viewport” window – N-panel – the “Search Plus” tab

  • Download the *.zip archive with the add-on distributive.
  • The “Preferences” window — Add-ons — Install… — specify the downloaded archive.
Version history


  • This release.
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