Accurate Render Border add-on

Blender add-on allows setting accurate coordinates for render border.

After add-on installation in T-bar additional “ARB” tab appears. On this tab, it’s possible to set accurate values for left-top and right-bottom render border corners coordinates in pixels. Coordinates establish relative to the render size (Properties — Render — Dimensions — Resolution). After pressing the “Set Accurate Render Border” button render border determines in accordance with the entered values.

Add-on is free and open-source. If you want to support it – you can buy the add-on for a convenient price, or set the price to 0 to download it for free.

Current version: 0.0.2.

Tested in Blender versions: 2.78, 2.79


  1. Get *.zip archive with add-on distributive
  2. User Preferences — Add-ons — Install Add-on from File — specify downloaded archive.

Location: “3D View” window – T-Panel – ARB


Accurate Render Border add-on
Accurate Render Border add-on

Source code:

Source code on GitHub.

Version history:


  • Added “Width-Height” checker to change border Right-Bottom coordinates to Width-Height values


  • Release
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