Lux it! RenderFarm (like Sheepit)

The developer of a free distributed computing render farm that supports Cycles and Luxcore replied, “We need an incentive, not material.”
Farm features:

  • There is no limit to the size of the project file.
  • There is no limit on the number of active projects.
  • Support for Multilayer EXR, PNG, etc.
  • Schedule your render node. For example, use only 50% CPU during the day and 100% CPU + GPU at night.
  • For animation, you can choose the number of tiles for each frame.
  • Wide selection of tiles (from 1 * 2 to 64 * 64)
  • Each task has a list of nodes processing it.
  • Explicit designation of a problematic, weak, stuck, missing from the network node, etc.
  • Automatic reset of problem nodes.
  • The author of the farm is an excellent programming expert.
  • Luxcore and Cycles support
  • Windows and Linux support.
  • The points accumulation system is similar to Sheppit. How it works.

Your computer, in its free time, does the calculations for the render farm. Renders the project for some web users. Some part of the image, or some frame of animation. This is how your computer earns points.
When you need to render, you upload the project to the farm, press “Render” and the nodes of network users will be rendered for you. Your earned points will allow you to render on the farm as much as you have points.

So what kind of incentive does a developer expect? The answer is obvious – our activity. Our desire for this project to exist. Our desire to use this farm.
Its counterpart is only Sheppit, with all its limitations.
On this farm, there are no restrictions.

How to be active.
Leave a comment here under the news.
Or on the forum, directly to the developer
Or on the Luxcore forum

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