Dynamically setting the Max and Min values ​​for a custom property in the Blender Python API

Custom properties in the Blender Python API can be limited to setting with maximum and minimum values. In this case, the user, entering the desired value to the property field, will not be able to set a value that goes beyond the specified limits.

To set the minimum and maximum limits, we can specify the “min” and “max” parameters in our custom property and assign them the necessary limiting values.

Searching for nodes by first letters

For quickly finding the desired node in the Node Editor in the search box it is enough to type only the first letters from the node’s name.

This method works both in the shader node editor and in the Geometry Nodes search system.

For example, to search for the “Set Curve Radius” node, it is enough to type only the “SCR” letters in the search field. And to search for the “Principle BSDF” node, just type “PB”.