Deselect all with a single pressing of the “a” keycode

Since Blender 2.80 the deselect all function – complete deselection of all objects or geometry – has been switched from a single press of the “a” key to a double “a-a” or a combination of “alt+a” keycodes. To return the deselection function to a single “a” press, we can edit the settings of the selection operators. Or, since Blender 2.81, a special checkbox is provided for this in the keyboard shortcuts settings.

  • Open the “Preferences” window
  • Switch to the “KeyMap” section
  • Turn on the “Select All Toggles” checkbox in the “Preferences” subsection
  • Save the settings by pressing the “Save Preferences” button in the upper right corner of the window.

Now the selection of all objects/geometry and their total deselection will be performed by pressing the single “a” key.

How to create a new mesh UV with the Blender Python API

To make a new UV with the Python API and set coordinates to its points, we need:

First – create a new UV with the desired name:

Next, to specify the coordinates of its points, we need to cycle through all the “loops” of the mesh:

How to get a list of UV coordinates

You may need to get a list of coordinates of the mesh’s UV, for example, when exporting a mesh from Blender’s internal format to any external formats.

A list of the mesh UV-s can be got by accessing the “uv_layers” structure: