How to resize panels in Blender UI

In order to resize the T- or N-panel of the Blender UI, you just need to hold the edge of the panel with the mouse and drag it left or right. However, in this case, you can only change the size of the panel itself, but not the interface elements on it.

To change elements size and the font size of the panel, you need:

  • hover cursor on the panel
  • hold together the “ctrl” keyboard button and the middle mouse button (scroll wheel)
  • move the mouse up or down

This works not only for the side panels but also for all the “Properties” window.

Blender 2.80 release is scheduled for July

Blender 2.80 development plans from Blender Developers Blog:

  • The middle of May – the completion of the remaining features and finishing the user interface
  • The beginning of June – user documentation update
  • The middle of June – fixing of all critical errors
  • July – Blender 2.80 release
  • Blender 2.81 – 3 months after the release (patches and functional additions)

OpenGl – DirectX norma map converter node group in Blender

Normal maps are usually saved in one of the two most common formats: OpenGL or DirectX. Blender uses OpenGL specification. Trying to use normal maps saved in another format will result in the wrong visual effect. To convert normal maps to the desired format the “OpenGL – DirectX Normal Map Converter” node group from the BIS material library can be used.

The samples of use:

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