BIS: the Open storage

Materials which owners granted access to them for all other BIS users are placed in the “Open storage” section.

How to share material for all BIS users

Attention! The shared material becomes available to all BIS users. Sharing your materials you agree to their distribution under a Creative Commons license.

  1. Sign in your account on the BIS website.
  2. Switch to the “Node Groups (Object)” section.
  3. For the material you want to share, click the “Share” button.

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BIS: How to start

Welcome to “BIS” (Blender Interplanety Storage) – a service for downloading, storing, management and sharing materials for the Blender 3D suite.

Introducing to BIS:

  1. Create a personal account:

Open the BIS website in your favorite browser:

Press the “Sign up” button.

Fill in the “Login” and “Password” fields. Please specify an active email address. On the checkbox that confirms your acceptance of the User Agreement.

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Blender 2.8 pre-release dates

“Beyond the Code Quest” has published Blender 2.8 pre-release dates:

  • July 2nd: Alpha
    • End of the code quest.
    • Bug tracker opens exclusively for crashes.
    • New default theme.
    • New default keymap.
    • Disable all add-ons (based on bl_info Blender version).
    • Discourage add-on developers to port their work now since the Python API will still change.
    • Focus on completing existing features.
  • August 12: Beta Release
    • All features in Blender 2.8 to be completed.
    • Bug tracker grand re-opening.
    • Merge 2.8 branches into master.
  • Official beta release.
    • Full release notes.
    • Focus on bug fixing.
  • September 19: Final Python API
    • Call for add-on developers to update old add-ons.
    • Flexible date, at least 1 month before the release candidate.
  • October 20: Release Candidate
    • Manual to be updated with the new features.
    • features page.
    • Blender Conference 2018 official release candidate.