Creating radio buttons in the Blender add-ons interface

State switches so-called “radio buttons” are used in the case to limit the choice by one value from several available ones. There are a lot of such buttons in the Blender interface, for example, switching between RGB and BW rendering modes or setting the texture mapping mode. Such buttons can be created in the Blender add-ons interface too.

Let’s create our own radio button switcher.

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How to hide the title of the Blender window

Every 3D-artist knows that the workplace is always less. The larger monitor, the larger available workspace on it – the work is more convenient and faster. Blender allows winning some extra space on the screen, hiding the window title, which is still not useful.

The key combination:

alt + F11

allows to hide the Blender window title and expand the work area to the entire monitor. Pressing this key combination again returns Blender to its original state.